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C12-C16 alcohols

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C12-C16 alcohols

(C12-C16 al-kuh-hawls) Naturally Derived
What it is: 

C12-C16 alcohols, also called lauryl-myristyl alcohol, are a mixture of fatty alcohols with 12 to 16 carbons in the alkylchain.[1,2]

What it does in our products: 

C12-C16 alcohols is an emulsion stabilizer and viscosity increasing agent, allowing things to stay spreadable and creamy.[3] It can be found in lipstick, sunscreen, moisturizer and other products.[4]

Which products include this ingredient?
Natural Washroom Spray
Natural Washroom Spray
How it's made: 

C12-C16 alcohols are made by combining C12 and C14 alcohols. The result is a colorless liquid that has a mild odor and decomposes in high heat.[5]

Why we use it: 

We use C12-C16 alcohols to keep ingredients from separating and to help products feel smooth. Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care quality standards.[6,7]