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C12-C16 alcohols, also called lauryl-myristyl alcohol, are a mixture of fatty alcohols with 12 to 16 carbons in the alkylchain.[1,2]
We view harsh chemicals as any ingredient that is more harmful than it needs to be for humans, animals, or the environment.
Glyceryl monostearate, also called monstearin or glyceryl stearate, is a hard, waxy mass, powder or flake ingredient, typically white or yellowish white.[1] It is derived from vegetable oils.[2]
Lemongrass oil is derived from cymbopogon citratus, also called lemongrass.[1] Native to southern India and Sri Lanka, lemongrass is a fragrant plan that grows two to four feet high and requires...
Water is a dilutant derived from hydrogen and oxygen. It is clear, odorless and tasteless, and it is essential for most animal and plant life.[1]
Pink grapefruit essential oil is a clear yellow liquid derived from citrus paradisi, which is the fruit of the grapefruit tree. The grapefruit tree is indigenous to the Caribbean and grows best in...
Panthenyl hydroxypropyl steardimonium chloride is a combination of panthenol, which is a plant-based, white crystalline powder derived from vitamin B5, and stearic acid, which is a white solid, often...
Natural Botanical Extract Blend is a combination of naturally derived essential oils, floral extract, and plant-based aroma-producing ingredients.
Stearic acid is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in animal and plant fats (typically coconut or palm oil).[1] It is a white solid, often crystalline, with a mild odor.[2] It’s a...