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(\ˈlī-ˌpās\) Naturally Derived

What is Lipase

Lipase is a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down fats. In humans, it is produced by glands on the tongue and in the pancreas.[1]

What Lipase does in our products

Lipase has many uses, including as a skin conditioning agent and in the synthesis of anti-inflammatory drugs, but in cleaning products it is commonly used to remove fats and oils from fibers and other objects.[2,3] It is found in lotions as well as in laundry and dish detergents.[4]

Which products include Lipase

Natural Baby Laundry Detergent
Natural Baby Multi-Surface Cleaner
Natural Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
Natural Baby Stain Remover
Natural Laundry Detergent
Natural Laundry Detergent Free & Clear
Natural Laundry Detergent Fresh Linen
Natural Pet Stain & Odor Remover
Natural Stain Remover

How Lipase made

Lipases occur throughout the natural world, but microbes are the primary tool through which it is made for commercial purposes. Lipase-producing microorganisms exist in industrial wastes, vegetable oil processing factories, dairies, soil contaminated with oil, oilseeds, and even in decaying food.[5] Producing microbial lipases occurs mostly by submerging bacteria in a liquid that is continuously agitated, or via solid-state fermentation, which involves growing the microbes on a substrate. The microbes secrete the lipase, which is then purified, homogenized, and crystallized for sale.[6]

Why we use Lipase

We use lipase because it makes fabrics clean and soft, is an antistatic agent, and is a good alternative to bleach.[7,8] The FDA has deemed the ingredient generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food, and Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care and cleaning product quality standards.[9,10,11] Studies show lipase is generally not sensitizing to the skin.[12]