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ˈbī-ə-tən Natural Vitamin B7

What is Biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is a white or colorless substance that occurs in foods such as nuts, oatmeal, soybeans, and fish.[1,2,3] It is a nutrient present in living cells.[4]

What Biotin does in our products

Biotin adds texture to formulations, adds shine to hair, and can help improve brittle nails or hair. It is in a variety of products such as hair conditioner, shampoo and moisturizers.[5,6] It is also available in vitamin supplements.[7] It dissolves in water.[8]

Which products include Biotin

Natural Pet Shampoo

How Biotin made

Human bodies manufacture their own biotin, but manufacturers can synthesize it from 4-benzamido-3-ketotetrahydrothiophene and methyl y-formylbutyrate and from 3,4-diamino-2-carbomethoxythiopene.[9]

Why we use Biotin

Biotin is a plant-based hair and skin supplement. We use it in our pet shampoo as an additional aid in skin and coat health. We do not use a biotin supplement in any of our human products. The FDA has deemed biotin as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).[10] The Cosmetic Ingredient Review has also concluded that biotin is safe as used in cosmetic formulations.[11] Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its cosmetics products.[12] Although we only use biotin in our pet shampoo, we recommend reviewing the FDA's warning if you are personally taking biotin supplements.[13]